BFS Hiring Challenge

Show us your skills, and get an opportunity to join BFS!

Do you love to pwn kernels, browsers or hypervisors? We want you on our team!

We offer:

  • More money than you currently make and huge bonuses for each exploit developed.
  • 100% remote position where you call the shots on when and where you work.
  • Team members who help you up your game, while you help them up theirs.
  • Ski, spa, and mountain biking retreats multiple times a year!

Solve this small challenge for the opportunity to get an interview for a security researcher position at BFS.  After the interview, there is one more difficult challenge required. 

The Rules

  1. Achieve remote code execution by exploiting a bug in the application that you can download below. (pop calc)
  2. Your exploit must include process continuation.
  3. The solution must keep the process target functional. 
  4. Exploit should work in Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  5. Exploit should be written in python without using external libraries.
  6. Solutions should be sent to

You can download the application here