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  • RT @pat0is: Here's my write-up for the challenge. Includes a working exploit that features process continuation and bypasses AS… https://t.co/eJNsPJH8SB

    19 hours, 7 minutes ago

  • RT @telspacesystems: Solving the BFS Ekoparty 2019 Exploitation Challenge - https://t.co/sEaR986TzO - Thanks @ekoparty and @bluefrostsec for the challenge!

    19 hours, 7 minutes ago

  • RT @Synacktiv: Our team member @0xf4b tried and solved @bluefrostsec exploitation challenge. Here is the writeup: https://t.co/xZv8l1p5Eq

    19 hours, 8 minutes ago

  • The 2019 Ekoparty challenge is closed! Thanks for all your amazing submissions! Details will be send out to all winners end of next week.

    6 days, 4 hours ago

  • Take our 2019 Ekoparty challenge for a chance to win a ticket for the BFS-IOACTIVE party and the opportunity to joi… https://t.co/prw67mZ8Kk

    1 week, 4 days ago

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