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  • RT @NicoEconomou: @richinseattle @ChupitGood @TalosSecurity @ktwo_K2 cool man ! ... if not approved, you can win an Ekoparty ticket b… https://t.co/XXeOaYIisg

    1 day, 3 hours ago

  • RT @offensive_con: Happy to announce a new training: Web Browser Exploitation by Pwn2Own 2017 winner @5aelo Samuel Groß https://t.co/OAkBqZrY6N

    1 week ago

  • RT @moritzj: More conferences should start doing this! https://t.co/WLcgXFUorw

    1 month ago

  • RT @offensive_con: We are treating our speakers really well. Every speaker will receive a honorarium of 1.000 EUR for exclusive research...

    1 month ago

  • RT @offensive_con: OffensiveCon CFP is now open! https://t.co/Jjw5ZlsHrS

    1 month ago

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