Working for Blue Frost Security

At Blue Frost Security we consider our personnel to be our most valued asset. We aim to provide an environment where our employees can grow, learn, develop and strengthen themselves. Our employees are some of the best in the industry, they possess very different fields and levels of expertise however, what unites them is their hunger for knowledge and their passion towards their work.

At BFS Labs we maintain a division of high quality researchers that dedicate most of their time solely to research. Moreover, at Blue Frost Security we maintain a research and development policy which encourages consultants to dedicate a percentage of their time to individual research projects. This ensures that both the employee and the company attain their long term goals. 

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We currently have the following open positions:

Senior Security Researcher

We are looking for high qualified individuals to work in our lab conducting security and vulnerability research in different areas. The candidate must have a good general knowledge of security concepts, a strong knowledge of operating system internals and demonstrable experience with vulnerability research. Ideal candidates will have a proven track record of performing high-quality security research, and presenting their findings at major security conferences. The candidate should have a background in one or more of the following fields: Binary auditing and reverse engineering, fuzzing or source code reviews, all with the aim of finding vulnerabilities in software. He or she should be comfortable developing exploits.

The candidate must be able to think critically and have a passion to solve difficult problems and obstacles creatively and efficiently with a drive to succeed. He or she should be highly self-motivated and have a strong will to undertake projects and responsibilities for long periods of time. He should have the ability to work independently with minimum supervision and also the ability to work in small teams to solve complex problems.

The position is flexible with regards to location, most of our researchers are currently working from home office.


Senior Penetration Tester

We are looking for highly qualified individuals to join our team for a senior penetration testing position. The candidate must have good command of programming languages, previous experience as a senior analyst in the field of offensive security. The candidate must be able to conduct penetration testing in web applications, network infrastructure and embedded devices.The candidate should be able to conduct and have previous experience with source code review and also preferably reverse engineering experience. The candidate must be a team player and hungry to learn and improve his skills.

The candidate should speak German and have a good command of spoken English.

The position would also allow the candidate time to pursue research in an area of his/her interest. Additionally, we are flexible with regards to location, most of our analysts are currently working from home office and are situated in different parts of Germany.