Technical whitepapers about research projects conducted by Blue Frost Security.

I'm High - Windows System Drive Remapping: Elevation of Privileges

Reliable Windows privilege escalation using system drive remapping affecting latest versions of Windows 10 and 11

A bug collision tale

The inside story of our CVE-2019-2025 exploit

TEE Exploitation

Exploiting Trusted Apps on Samsung’s TEE

Abusing GDI for Ring0 Exploit Primitives: Evolution

Windows 10 kernel exploitation techniques based on the latest Windows 10 RS3 insider preview

Look Mom! I Don’t Use Shellcode

A Browser Exploitation Case Study for Internet Explorer 11

Exploiting CVE-2014-4113 on Windows 8.1

Analysis of the Windows kernel vulnerability CVE-2014-4113, demonstrating how it can successfully be exploited on Windows 8.1.